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Flight of the Nephilim 
10:08pm 04/01/2012

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Digital painting. 16x20 inches at 400 DPI - many layers of swirling spirits in clouds and smoke, airships, buildings, and the main figure - each element decorated intensely with glyphs and scripts down to near-microscopic detail in each inch of the painting.
New Art Pendants! 
06:46pm 05/09/2011
  I'm so excited about these! The pendant settings were custom cut using my own design, so they're exclusive to my shop and you won't find them anywhere else! :D

Adorable coffin shaped pendants surrounded by bats, featuring the original artwork of The Zombified

Original Art Pendant Necklace by The Zombified

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Hallowhaus Issue #4 
04:12pm 21/06/2011
  Finally, after a few complications with printing, the fourth issue of the Hallowhaus comic book series is here!

Hallowhaus is the tale of a newly undead girl, risen from the grave one Halloween night. She soon finds her way to the castle Hallowhaus, where she realizes she's not quite as alone as she'd thought.

Issue #4 contains 28 black and white pages of spooky goodness.

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You can - of course ;) - get yourself a copy of it at:
07:53pm 10/05/2011
  I'll be at The WEEKEND OF HORRORS ART GHOULERY signing and selling original artwork and prints May 14th & 15th at The Marriott L.A. with other amazing artists! Please come in and say "Hi" and enjoy the artwork of the macabre,bizarre & down right scary!

These are the pieces that will be for sale and there will be prints of them also-

Can't wait to see ya'all there!!
Snow, Glass, Apples 
05:34pm 30/03/2011

(Click for larger version)

Snow, Glass, Apples
Acrylic and Digital | BUY PRINT HERE

Initially commissioned as a print for Neil Gaiman's Neverwear site, this project was consequently canceled. But I loved his short story, "Snow, Glass, Apples", and the work-in-progress so much that I finished it up anyway. :) The associated text read:

I like to think she played first with the ribbons, twined them into her raven hair, looped them around her pale neck or her tiny waist,

And then, curious, she moved the cloth to see what else was in the basket; and she saw the red, red apples.

They smelled like fresh apples, of course; and they also smelled of blood. And she was hungry. I imagine her picking up an apple, pressing it against her cheek, feeling the cold smoothness of it against her skin.

And she opened her mouth and bit deep into it...
"Snow, Glass, Apples" is © Neil Gaiman.

Also! I recently created a new Official Facebook Page, so if you enjoy my art and would like to receive updates right on your Facebook newsfeed, please go here and click "Like"!

>>> facebook.com/alicemeichili <<<<

Thanks for the support! ♥
Reign in Purple 
06:02pm 17/03/2011

There was no real reason behind this piece other than that I had an unpainted piece of wood and needed a three-day break from the commissioned stuff (I used 60 hours of which for this one).

Dropping my standard luminist style for this one, and though it is cartoony and simple, I still went pretty deep into the detail, painting many scales, variegated petals, and whatnot. Oddly enough, I found that it was the large areas of solid colors, and keeping the piece smooth and free of brushstrokes which sapped the most time.

Zooms and details available here: http://www.mykeamend.com/new/2011/03/16/reign-in-purple/
New Art from The Zombified! 
03:02am 17/02/2011
mood: productive
Just finished these two pieces tonight:

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Free Printable Scary Christmas Party Kit 
11:35pm 16/12/2010
  Just finished putting together another free party kit, this time featuring The Zombified's Scary Christmas design!


Send your photos to zombie@thezombified.com!

More photos after the jump!
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Scary Christmas from The Zombified! 
08:15pm 08/12/2010

Got the cards in today and they look awesome! They're just on Etsy so far, haven't got 'em up on thezombified.com yet.

Just a digital painting.... 
07:17am 20/11/2010

Drawn digitally using this photo as a reference:
Waiting For A Sign [85 icons + 15 banners] 
12:55pm 01/11/2010
>>this way to the promised land<<
warning: some adult language & images
Free Printable Halloween Party Kit 
02:04am 29/10/2010
  Just in time for Halloween weekend 2010, The Zombified's offering up some free party printables- for Halloween or any occasion your spooky little heart desires! Featuring sixteen different original designs by The Zombified!

Party Kit by The Zombified

Download! (PDF):
Treat Bag Tags
Round Tags/Toppers
Cupcake Wrappers

Send your photos to zombie@thezombified.com!

More photos after the jump!
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October 2010 Events & Giveaways 
07:47pm 14/10/2010

Want to snag yourself a signed The Zombified print... for free? Here's your chance!

This Saturday October 16th the Crawl of the Dead - Village Invasion in NY will be giving away some signed art prints from The Zombified, along with what appears to be a ton of other amazing prizes!

You also have a chance from now until October 20th to win your choice of two signed prints, and- perhaps!- a signed copy of Hallowhaus Issue #1 from awesome horror blog Freddy in Space!


The Zombified will be vending in person at the following events this month... be there!!

Houston Zombie Walk
Saturday October 23rd @ 5:30PM
Houston, TX

Underworld's Monster Bash
Saturday October 30th @ 9:00PM
Houston, TX
Red Hand Assemblage 
04:48pm 01/08/2010
  Red Hand Assemblage Showing Hand

This artwork is three in one.

The box/dual frame: I labored hard for over a week on the box, which is a very sturdy hand-built, hand-stained, hand-varnished, hand-waxed chunk of quality hardwood (heartwood select pine base and birch sides). It not only serves as a box (if you would want to use it as such a thing), but as a self-contained double frame which requires no wall hanging. It is perfect for a coffee table, end table, mantle, dining table or most any flat surface you would like to display it on... and it is so sturdy in construction that you won't be freaking out if people get near it.

Red Hand Assemblage Showing Both

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News of the Living Dead! 
08:06pm 22/04/2010
  Much news to behold in this update, hopefully in some sort of sensible order...

Tomorrow night- Friday April 23rd 2010- The Zombified will be returning once again to vend Numbers Nightclub in Houston, Texas.

Beginning the same day but in a different place in the world- the Motor City Nightmares convention runs through April 23rd-25th, which there will be two autographed copies of the latest issue (#3) of the Hallowhaus comic book series up for grabs!

Next weekend is- of course- April 30th - May 2nd. Yes, the mighty Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas, TX! The Zombified will be vending all weekend at this event, and yes, you may even spot me again at the Zombie Walk on Saturday!

The Zombified recently donated an original piece of custom artwork (the "Black Cat" drawing) to the Black Cat Rescue's current silent auction (or go to 32auctions.com and enter AuctionID: KittenSeason2010 password: BlackCatsRock), which is going on now through May 12th.

Not exactly news, but worth mentioning: The Zombified is indeed on Facebook, MySpace, and LiveJournal. Show me some love.
Fan Tarot 
04:14am 30/03/2010

I am currently working on a tarot deck revolving around images I have collected from my favourite band.  The band uses a lot of gothic imagery.  The deck is pretty dark, but not overly so, I think.  The cards are all basically collaged in photoshop.  I cut out all of the various pieces I need and mesh them together to make my card. 

Obviously this deck is not for any kind of commercial use because of copyright restrictions and whatnot, but I hope to make some actual physical decks for myself a few other fans.  I'm interested in seeing how the deck will read when I get to try it out.  Please feel free to friend my journal to watch my progress and to see what cards I have done so far.

I have an entry here that includes a close up of "Death".

Miniature Fashion Hats 
02:58pm 29/03/2010
  I am now selling miniature hats in Gothic, Lolita, Victorian/Steampunk and general random styles.
All hats attach to almost any hairstyle with a metal barrette.


Many more styles coming soon!
Bats at the Library [95 icons] 
07:16am 26/03/2010

"They'll flutter off and loose themselves among the books lined up on shelves."
New Art! 
04:58pm 10/03/2010

One more (bit bigger) - Night of the Loving Dead ♥♥Collapse )
Moths To The Flame 
09:29pm 17/01/2010
  I recently finished the cover for Astronaut Down's upcoming album, Moths To The Flame. It will be available on iTunes by January 25th, 2010 -- details for the release party in NYC here!

Moths To The Flame
Acrylic and Digital | BUY PRINT

The concept was pretty straightforward, harking to the album's title. Simultaneously, the client also expressed a desire to see a girl amidst an oppressive, scary environment -- with only a flame keeping the darkness at bay.

The flame is subtly drawn to evoke the shape of a phoenix -- a personal symbol I incorporated, and felt it wove into the evocation of the Dark Night of the Soul and consequent rebirth.

Click here for sketches, process, and details!Collapse )

AliceMeichi.com - Illustration Portfolio

This and many other prints of my artwork can be found on my store: store.alicemeichi.com.

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